James Mott

James MottBIO: James Mott – Founder of ProjectBook

Talk: The BIG 3: How the sector can best utilise facebook, Linkedin and twitter

Conservation specialist James Mott has over 24 years experience working in the heritage sector as a skilled craftsman, contractor and consultant. He is the founder of ProjectBook.co.uk which promotes heritage professionals working in the build heritage sector. Seeing the benefits and possibilities that social media had to offer, ProjectBook were early adopters of its use to engage, educate and build a recognisable community of heritage professionals online.

ProjectBook.co.uk  |  08445 611646  |  @projectbook

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This website is run by ProjectBook Ltd © July 2011 and was designed to report on Be2Heritage, an event run in collaboration with Be2camp. ProjectBook.co.uk offers building conservation resources for heritage professionals, period property and listed building owners. The site offers building conservation articles, listed property case studies, and information on building conservation and restoration. You can also find heritage events, CPD and jobs. Visit ProjectBook for more information.


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